When is Zekrom Coming to Pokemon go in 2022?

When is Zekrom Coming to Pokemon go in 2022? Read the blog to know the exact detail. If you’re a fan of the Pokemon franchise, then you’re probably wondering when the popular character Zekrom is coming to the Pokemon GO game.

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for when this character will be available in the game. However, there are some rumors and speculation about when Zekrom may be added to the game. In this blog post, we will explore the rumors and speculation about Zekrom’s release date in Pokemon GO.

When is Zekrom Coming to Pokemon go in 2022?

The date for when Zekrom is coming to Pokémon GO in 2022 has not been announced yet. However, based on previous releases, it is safe to assume that the release will happen sometime in the late fall or early winter. Keep an eye out for announcements from Niantic, the developers of Pokémon GO, for more information regarding the release date.

What are the benefits of catching Zekrom in Pokemon go?

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile pokemon, then look no further than Zekrom. With a massive attack stat and the ability to learn a variety of moves, Zekrom is sure to be a valuable addition to any trainer’s team. Not to mention, its unique design is sure to turn heads in any gym battle.

How to catch Zekrom in Pokemon go?

Assuming you have already completed the Elite Four and Champion tasks in Pokémon Go, you will need to wait for a Special Research task called “A Colossal Discovery” to be available.

Once it is, follow the steps below:

1. Tap the Main Menu button.
2. Tap the Poké Ball icon.
3. Tap Special Research.
4. Scroll down and tap on the task called “A Colossal Discovery.”
5. Read through the task requirements and tap START when you’re ready to begin.
6. The first part of the task will require you to power up Pokémon 5 times. You can do this by going to a Gym and using a Charged TM on one of your Pokémon.
7. Once you have completed that, the next part will ask you to catch 3 Electric-type Pokémon in a row without failing. The best place to do this is probably at a PokéStop with an Electric Lure Module active, as that will attract Electric-type Pokémon to that location for 30 minutes.
8. After catching those 3 Pokémon, Zekrom will finally appear!

Be sure to have plenty of Ultra Balls and Razz Berries with you, as this Legendary Pokémon can be quite difficult to catch.

With some patience and luck, you should be able to add Zekrom to your collection!


We don’t know exactly when Zekrom will be coming to Pokemon GO in 2022, but we do know that Niantic has said it will be sometime in the second half of the year. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for any news or updates about the release date, and enjoy playing all the other great Pokemon GO content that is available!

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